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Haraya is a Learning Science Laboratory that utilizes how the human mind processes information and leverages technologies to 'hack' learning.

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Haraya Learning Innovations

HARAYA started on 2016, Developing different types of VR/AR Projects from hackathons to prototyping to production level.

From in 2018, Haraya started researching and using this technology on the field of education, using various sciencetific disciplines and researches from psychology to technology to education on how to improve the quality of the education and trainings. This goes as well to improving our way of collaborating with others , promoting our advocacies, and the way we consume entertainment and sell our products.


HARAYA Labs is HARAYA's flagship product it empowers every studets, teachers, educators or even institution to be able to conduct experiments that isn't possible in a classroom setup.

You don't need to buy expensive scientific experiment to conduct experiments, this is possible by leveraging the augmented-reality technology to be able to simulate scientific experiments as well as the expensive equipments that some schools don't have an access to.

With our sole purpose to create more scientist haraya labs is born.

What we do

Haraya offers a wide variety of products and services, from a shippable software development, marketing, proof of concept development or emerging technology prototyping, to ideation of your ideal product and making it come to life.

Augmented Reality

Improve your quality of life with augmented-reality. Combine physical and digital to attain your goals.

Virtual Reality

Create new world, be in charge of what you want. Simulate trainings, real-life scenarios, and more in an exciting and more engaging way!

Outside the box

We're team of professionals who collaborate and integrate our knowledge of various disciplines to push the boundaries of the current technology.

Smart Systems

Automate processes in a smart way with Smart Systems, we develop Internet of things or Digital systems that automates processes in your institution.

Promotion Innovation

Add a slice of innovation to promote your Advocacy, Product, or Ideas.

R&D Services

Sciencetific method are the core of our work, we specialize in research and development of technologies.

Our Works

Checkout what we are we doing and what we've done so far. To know more, send us an email.

Haraya x DICT

Scratch Programming Training


GITC (Korea) Competition

Virtual Reality

Volkswagen Philippine's
Child Safety Initiative

Haraya Labs

Science in your pocket


Haraya Pahina

Bringing books to life

VR Musika

Learn Music with Virtual Reality

Martial Arts VR

Martial arts training in Virtual Reality

Cooking simulator

Experience cooking in a different way!


The great team behind Haraya, Get to know more their field of expertise.

John Hay Supetran

Managing Partner

Paolo Espiritu


Mykey Cuento

Content and Learning Design Lead

Dave Flores

XR Development Lead

Francis Alvior

XR Generalist

Veenna Barnachea

Human Connection Developer

Sarah Acero

Curriculum & Content Developer

Joshua Suarez

Researcher & Webmaster

Dan Earl Oben

XR Generalist

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